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Alto La Cruz Consulting Group is an Agri-business oriented company
offering a unique combination of physiological and genetic skills
which assists growers and companies to improve yields and quality.


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Fruit Production


The principles of managing flower production in tree crops are more or less universal, but for any particular crop there is need the for a deep understanding of the annual cycle of rainfall and temperature and its relationship to the Phenology of the canopy…

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Forestry Production

Alto La Cruz Consulting Group works with a broad range of species both agriculture crops and forestry varieties, similarly in coniferous and broadleaved trees, in which we have demonstrated the same principles in the plant physiology…

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Plant Propagation

The company uses a system approach in identification of all the site and tree physiology factors which interact to affect the crop yield and in development and optimization of Protocols for timely management interventions…

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Part of our technical staff is forestry and agriculture engineers with post-graduate degrees in USA in Tree Improvement and Plant Physiology, plus vast hands-on experience in those fields. This allows us to offer ground technical support, guidance on protocols for proven technologies to fine-tuning of selected germplasm to be implemented in a range of sites within the company landholdings.


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Phone#:+507 8326531 – Email: apalma@altolacruz.cl or mmundo@altolacruz.cl


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