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SAHGA™ Global Services Corp. is Technology Company oriented to the integral solution of the food problem and global health using the latest technology for agricultural design and production.

SAHGA™ collects all the experience of over 25 years of development of agricultural production systems in the world. Our office has professionals with vast experience in the fields of plant physiology, genetics and process engineering.

SAHGA™ is the only company with Intellectual Property and Trademark registration that operates in the United States of America for the transfer of methodologies for agricultural production.

SAHGA™ has identified over the years the need to add quantitative elements in the agricultural business to ensure results in the activity. In this plan, SAHGA™ has docketed all activities that lead to successful farming, logging procedures that guarantee high production standards. These «Trade Secrets» are part of the success that assure consumers a high standard in farming methods and agricultural technology.