Fruit Production

The principles of managing flower production in tree crops are more or less universal, but for any particular crop there is need the for a deep understanding of the annual cycle of rainfall and temperature and its relationship to the Phenology of the canopy, root and flower induction in the orchard.

Forestry Production

Alto La Cruz Consulting Group works with a broad range of species both agriculture crops and forestry varieties, similarly in coniferous and broadleaved trees, in which we have demonstrated the same principles in the plant physiology to develop procedures to optimize production. These procedures are based, on the concept of stress-free plant for nutrition and irrigation, to manipulate onset of flowering using or not, plant growth regulators. These techniques can also be applied for early selection, phenotyping and screening of genotypes for adaptation to environment, which can help a clonal selection.

Plant Propagation

Alto la Cruz Consulting Group assists more than 5 million plants/year for forestry and agriculture, using the latest propagations Working Protocols to ensure quality and stability.

The nursery business is based in a deep understanding of logistics and Physiology Manipulation in order to maximize productivity.